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Customer Feedback & Review Services

SM-Blu Digital offers a platform that can assist in automating the customer feedback process to capture testimonials and online reviews.  We help you better connect with your customers, get feedback about their experience, learn from their responses and market your positive feedback and reviews across the web.

Five star Customer Reviews  SM-Blu Five Star Programs  Five star Customer Reviews

More about our plans:

Basic Plan:  Gives a business a complete customer online review and feedback platform.
Email is used to request feedback from your customers, results are captured to create reportable scores, feedback alerts are sent and testimonials are gathered to post on your website.  Measure your success with our reporting tools.

Premium Plan:  Reach more customers in more ways.  Send SMS / text messages to reach customers on their smartphones with plain text messages.   Add an image to your text to reinforce your branding.

Premium Plus Plan:  A plan that is perfect for high traffic businesses expanded room for up to 6,000 new profiles per month and 400 text message credits.  The twitter monitoring feature allows for tracking of  up to 5 keywords for your location or brand.