Technical Services

SM-Blu Digital, with more than 30 years experience on Mac and PC, can assist you in your computer services needs.  

Remote support is quick & easy.

Most computer issues can be handled remotely.


We offer the following IT support services:

  • Computer setup
  • Computer Performance Tuning
  • Virus / Spyware Removal
  • Installation of Virus protection software
  • Wired & wireless network setup & training
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network enhancements
  • Disaster planning & recovery
  • Software support & troubleshooting
  • System Updates / Driver Updates
  • Router / Firewall setup (LAN to WAN integration)
  • Cross platform integrations (MAC, PC)
  • Hardware Support & Repair Services
  • IT consulting
  • Support Retainer Contracts for preferred service
    (IT Support Retainer Contract)

Importance of Computer Performance Tuning

Re-booting and working around problems when your system has become slow or crashes can be a real waste of time.
SM-Blu Digital can provide tuning for your workstations, networks and servers for maximum stability and performance.
After a tune up machines will run noticeably faster and will be more stable. Generally, two hours are required for a full tune-up on a single work station but two machines can be done is 3 hours or 3 machines in 4 hours, if access to all machines is granted at the same time.
Contract rates are available.

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Here’s what is involved:

  • Evaluate current workstation & network hardware and determine if an upgrade is needed for maximum performance
  • Perform Bios or Firmware updates to the underlying hardware, if required.
  • Apply OS updates, patches
  • Check for and apply the latest peripheral drivers for printers, scanners, etc.
  • Check for Startup extensions or SYsTray conflicts.
  • Remove un-needed items that drain precious system resources
  • Diagnose and repair font corruption and duplication.
  • Check for virus and Spyware infections; update to latest definitions.
  • Repair fragmentation of the directory and files on the hard drive.
  • Check for damaged or corrupted files, repair as necessary.
  • Allocation of the Correct amount of RAM for each application (Mac).
    Burn all OS and Application patches & updates to DCD for future repairs.
  • Follow-up support to be sure everything stays fixed.
See our individual location pages for information on where on-site support of these services are offered:

Boston, NY Office

Phone:  716-254-6130

Olean, NY Office

Phone:  716-372-4008

Bradford, PA Office

Phone:  814-368-4057